“For Nichols, running as an independent was an obvious choice”

“Signing on with a political party went against Nichols’ grain…”

Click here to listen to Jessie’s brief, 4 minute interview with KBGA about the arduous process of running as an Independent candidate…


Running as an independent, Jessie “just wants to be herself.”


Sportsmen/women for Jessie — & LAST CHANCE for hunting raffle!

One issue of concern to many folks in our neck of the woods — especially this time of year — is their second amendment rights.

As Jessie always says — “I won’t try to take away your guns if you don’t try to take away mine.” As a lawmaker, Jessie will work to ensure that Montanans’ constitutionally-protected right to bear arms is not threatened. Like many Montanans, Jessie, her family, and many of her friends rely on hunting to provide their families with food each year.Image

Along those lines — now’s your LAST CHANCE to buy tickets for the Sportsman/women’s hunting package! Drawing to be held on election day! Contact Jessie through email or phone — or make your raffle ticket purchase via paypal on the “Donate” page!

Good luck, sportsfolks!


Jessie tells it like it is

Thank you to all the voters who came out to learn more about the candidates! Jessie will always make herself available to listen to your concerns and answer your questions. Please call her if you’d like to find out more about her positions or talk with her about issues you think need to be addressed in Helena — 722-9905.

Thank you to the Frenchtown High School for providing the space for the debate, Richard Werst for moderating and all of the Senate and House candidates for coming out to talk with voters.

Thank you, also, to Rep. Gordon Hendrick, who currently holds the HD 14 seat and is leaving due to term limits, for coming and sharing your perspective. We appreciate your service to our district—we know it’s a taxing job (no pun intended) and are grateful for those willing to take it on.

Debate next Tuesday: Bring your questions!


Nichols and two partisan opponents will go head-to-head

Candidates for the House and Senate seats for Frenchtown and surrounding communities will participate in a debate followed by an audience question-and-answer session on Tuesday, October 23rd in the Frenchtown High School auditorium from 7 to 9 pm.

Jessie Nichols, the Independent candidate, will face her two partisan opponents, Christine Johnson (D) and Nicholas Schwaderer (R), in the race to represent House District 14. HD 14 includes all of Mineral County (including Alberton, Superior and St. Regis); the southern part of Sanders County (including Dixon and Paradise) and the western part of Missoula County (including Frenchtown and Evaro).  Since 2004, the district has been represented by Gordon Hendrick of Superior, who cannot run again because of term limits.

Jessie Nichols, the independent candidate from Alberton, currently serves on the school board there, runs a small family farm and works at the feed store in Alberton. More information about her campaign can be found at https://jessienicholshd14.wordpress.com/.

Nicholas Schwaderer, the republican candidate from Superior, is 24 years old and a recent graduate of law school in England. His campaign site is http://schwad.net/.

Christine Johnson is the democratic candidate from Huson. She does not have a campaign website.

The candidates for Senate District 7 will also participate in the debate. They are Mark Sheets (D) and Jennifer Fielder (R), both of Thompson Falls, and John Marshall (L) of Hot Springs. They are vying to fill the vacancy left by retiring Sen. Greg Hinkle of Thompson Falls.  SD 7 covers all of HD14, as well as HD 13, which includes Thompson Falls and the surrounding area.

The debate will be moderated by Richard Werst of the Clark Fork Chronicle.

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For more information or to schedule an interview with candidate Jessie Nichols, call (406) 722 9905 or email jessienicholshd14@yahoo.com.